Google Chrome Plugins for Web Developers – My Setup

May 29, 2017

In this post I list Google Chrome plugins I use for we development. I go through all the plugins in the video:

Adblock plus. Sometimes you need to test how your software behaves with Adblock turned on and off.

Window resizer. This plugins helps you quickly resize browser to emulate smaller screen sizes. You should put most effort on making your your system look great on the most popular screen sizes and after that make it somewhat usable on  less popular sizes. Perfect can be hard to achieve with responsive design.

Postman launcher. This chrome plugin/app is great at testing POST requests. Great when testing API services.

Search Stackoverflow. Quick search at stackoverflow.

Quick Javascript Switcher. This plugin allows you to quickly toggle Javascript on and off.  Sometimes toggling Javascript can help to debug and find problems faster. Do not forget to turn it back on 🙂

Cookie Inspector. this plugin adds a “Cookies” tab inside Chrome Developer tools (F12). It is strange that the tab is not there by default. The plugin itself looks like it is disabled because of gray color but it is working fine.

WhatFont. This plugin shows text font information on click.

Eye Dropper. This plugin allows to pick existing color from the Page. Sometimes you need to find out image color code to keep design in similar style. Without this plugin you would have to open image inside some kind of Photoshop software to find out the exact color code.

Awesome Screenshot. It can be crazy frustrating when you need to make a screenshot of your page and it does not fit on the screen. This plugin has a feature to make a screenshot of the whole page. It scrolls down to capture all the content.

GA Debugger. So I was setting up Google Analytics ecommerce stuff one day and there was literally no way to know whether my data was sent to google or not. Then I started using this little plugin to find it out. This plugin appends all Google Analytics events to console.

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