Switching from PHP to other language. PHP Trends in Vilnius

November 16, 2017

I was talking with a good friend one day and he said something along the lines of “hey, old man, you should consider switching from this oldschool PHP language and Symfony framework. Switch to something newer, bro” or something like that..

It is nice when friends care about you but some people do not have the knowledge to discuss programming languages. A lot of people just go around repeating rumours or funny jokes from the internet which can be far from the truth or outdated information.

My friend assumed I working with some oldschool framework and super legacy stuff all the time and that I needed help or that my knowledge was somehow outdated based on current jobs market for programmers.

The PHP usage based on stackoverflow statistics for has been going down worldwide. However, in Vilnius where I have worked for the past 5 years, I see the trend that PHP is being used more and more.

A lot of systems have already upgraded to a modern framework from their Legacy core or are in the process of upgrading. If anything, I see a lot of companies doubling down and tripling down on PHP technology. They probably know some insider information and have done a much better research than me so they keep using the PHP stuff.

Here is the example of some systems that use PHP and are looking for PHP programmers:

  • Non-standard web systems or startups
  • Ecommerce systems
  • Gambling systems
  • Banks
  • Money transfer sites
  • WordPress sites
  • Others that I forgot to include…

Symfony and Laravel seem to be the most popular frameworks.

I personally don’t care that people think PHP has bad reputation. At the same time Switching for me is not a big deal. I will consider to switch my technology stack when a lot of bigger companies are in the process of switching themselves. Maybe I will need to learn some newer Javascript on the side as I see a lot of it is creeping in.

It is important not to think about the tools. It is easy to get into the bandwagon and fanboyism that this language or that framework are the best way to do things. It is easy to get hyped up about some particular technology at programmer meetups and reading latest reddit news. Some of the most senior programmers know that the trends come and go. Instead of tools they focus on architecture and best practices. The key for them is to find the best solution for a particular problem in a particular system.

Thank you for reading and for watching the vid!



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