Three Big Mistakes People Do When Building Software Product

October 20, 2017

I had some doubts before making this post becaus it is a portrait video and is somewhat negative but I will go through and post it because it’s my genuine original thoughts and I believe it has value. Proceed:

  1. Lack of leaders involvement in the process.  Nobody gets paid enough to care about the product. Sometimes highly paid executives are scary bosses and get the job done but that’s another story. When bosses avoid meetings with technical teams there are only two explanations – they feel incompetent or they just do not care that much. It is bad when corporate reporting takes place instead of genuine care. I think when there are technical meetings, the boss should come in and be part of the team.
  2. Fake client representatives.  Knowing what the client wants is important. It has always been very important. However I see bad practices regarding the client everywhere.  A lot of the time during meetings there is some person “representing” the client. You cannot represent anyone accurately, at best you can try to report what they said. Analyzing everything what client wants and reacts to should be done in high precision and fake client representation must be avoided.  It can lead to failure to collect requirements, fake requirements,  fake client groups that do not exist. Sometimes it can be  a result of not actually having real clients. So be aware of this and do not repeat this mistake.
  3. Failing to ship the product.  A certain comfort zone exists when people are shipping to local environments or into fake production(some kind of purgatory production where clients are not actually using the product yet but all the tasks seem finished). It is hard to avoid this mistake but you can minimize it by shipping as often as possible. No matter what you are building 2-3 months seems to be a long time so push everyone to publish the new product/features.

Thank you for reading!

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