Ubuntu Desktop Software for PHP Programmers – My Setup

May 14, 2017

In this post I go through the software I use for everyday for PHP development inside Ubuntu. I go through all the mentioned software in this video:


  • PhpStorm IDE – the best current IDE for PHP development no contest. Evaluation is free for 30 days, then it costs up to 200 $ for a year. Usually employers provide PhpStorm licenses to their programmers. It has cutting edge plugins because a lot of  developers are using it. I do not use any additional software to work with databases because I like provided database tool and SQL console. NetBeans is poor mans PHPStorm, I guess look into it if you do not want to buy it.
  • Sublime text editor – great secondary text editor. It is better than most editors at opening larger text files, very fast. Helps out when Gedit text editor doesn’t cut it.
  • Filezilla – good time tested tool for browsing remote server directory. It comes handy from time to time. Note that you should have a deployment process instead of dragging the files inside your PHP servers through Filezilla.
  • Terminator. Good multi-windowed terminal. I had productivity increase the same day I started using it. Love it!


  • Google Chrome is currently the fastest and the most used browser worldwide. In 2014  I switched from Firefox to using Chrome as primary browser for both development and browsing. Chrome debug toolbar is as good as Firefox Firebug for debugging and there are all kinds of chrome extensions to choose from.  I will soon write a post about my favorite Chrome extensions.
  • Firefox is the second most popular browser. I usually make sure that my applications run on both Chrome and Firefox(most common problems are fonts displayed differently and some parts of CSS interpreted differently).


If you have a choice of picking your communication software, go with slack. It syncs well with mobile devices, you can have chat bots, you can be joined multiple teams at once. Much better than Skype.

Source control

There is no great git desktop tool for Ubuntu. I use terminal commands and sometimes I use built in PhpStorm functionality.


Thank you for reading. You can also check out the post Desktop Software for Windows PHP developers.

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